True Talent Triumphs

The Talented Tenth Highlanders Inc.

Circle Games

1-2-3 Look

ABC Basket Ball

Action Syllable

Animal Alphabet

Animal Name Game


Beat The Bunny


Human Tic-Tac-Toe

Three legged race

Indi five hundred

Ice breakers

Band aid tag

Kids from Mars


Finding Twins

Jedi Numbers

Capture the flag

Catch Don't Catch

Chicken Picks


Crocodile Morey

Do As I say No as I Do

Quarter Quarter

Escape from the monsters


Fox and Squirrel

Double Dice


Kids from mars

Food, friends, fire works

Shuffle your buns

Follow the Leader

Question game

Most likely

Little Sally Walker

Let me in the circle

Horse and cavalier

Hide the candy


Fruit basket

Bippity- Boppity-Boo

Crocodile race

Two truths one lie

Bubble gum art

Fruit basket

Snap, clap, snap

Smelly unions


Answer me this

The Mystery Booper

Who am I

Who is missing?

Opposite drop it catch it

I am going to a picnic

Bob The Weaseal

Five yard scream

Alphabet actors

Duck and Cow

It could have been worse