True Talent Triumphs

The Talented Tenth Highlanders Inc.

Summer 2017

New Camp Site.

Winter 2016

Happy Birthday Girls!

Toys for Tots

We watched Wicked!

Summer 2016

Arts & Crafts with Mrs. Pat

I can Crochet!

You are next!

Winter 2015

We eat out.

I can do it!

Happy Birthday Emmy!

Summer 2015

I can play too

Learning is fun

Reading time

The girls ice skate 

Ever bean ice skating?


Siblings on the obstacle course

Up for a challenge?


Its show time

What is your career of choice?

Guest Speakers

Summer 2014

They all learn to cook

Want to learn to cook?


Gabrielle Teaches Table Etiquette 

Want to learn how to eat at table?

Table Etiquette

Picture with the mouse

Ever been to Chuck e Cheese?


Summer 2013

Judith plays guitar

Would you like to learn to play?


Nicolette Ices a cake

Do you have a taste for art?


At the radio station

Do you have a taste for art?