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True Talent Triumphs

The Talented Tenth Highlanders Inc.

Agreement/Disclaimer Form

Dearest supporter/sponsor your understanding of the need for The Talented Tenth Highlanders is met with the greatest admiration by those concerned. You realize our society cannot do without a means to ensure our youth with a better tomorrow starting today. Helping them live by the same standards you hold dearly will set them on a path that will never fail them. Your contribution will not be in vain; God alone can reward you for such altruism. 

Please acknowledge that you understand and agree with the following disclaimer(s) below.

____ The Talented Tenth Highlanders Summer Camp is not responsible for anything that may happen as a result of false information given at the time of enrolment. It is expressly agreed that as an activity coordinator you will take full responsibility for any and all injuries which may occur to due to your negligence during the child care program, and that the Talented Tenth highlanders Summer Camp shall have no liability to the member (nonmember) for such injuries or property damage. This does not exempt the facility or its staff from complying with the requirement of the New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene.

____ I give permission to the Talented Tenth Highlander to request a background check a pre-employment (for contract and temporary positions) background checks may include verification of education and degrees, credit reports, driving records, criminal records and in some cases full security clearance.

____ I hereby give permission to The Talented Tenth Highlanders Inc. to use my information, picture, and or video for the betterment of the camp and those who participate in it. Such information may be used for (i.e. advertisement, web-site, P.R,) in the following domain Fundraising, books, magazine, social media). This is to also affirm that you will not seek any ramification or profit befitting the Talented Tenth Highlanders and those connected to it for the use of your information.

____ I have read and understood the information provided to me in this Policy Manual, and agree to follow all rules and regulations, guidelines and protocol outlined in the brochure.

____ The Talented Tenth Highlanders Inc. reserves the right to terminate connection with any participate who does not abide by it rules or regulations as is deemed necessary.

Print Name: _____________________Signature: ____________________________

Date: __________________

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