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True Talent Triumphs

The Talented Tenth Highlanders Inc.

Founded By: Nicolette Piaubert (left) & Gabrielle Piaubert (right)

Established Since- 2013

Headquarters: Hebron French SDA Church

                         1256 Dean Street

                         Brooklyn, NY 11216

      Camp Site: Peniel SDA Church

                           1210 Utica Avenue

                           Brooklyn NY 11203

What We Do

During this Summer program persons in the community will be sharing their time and talents gratis in whatever capacity they can, hoping to inspire our youth to greatness. We have those who will be teaching crochet, self-defense, cooking, and substance abuse prevention among other things. In addition, every day through short seminars our youth will be given the opportunity to learn the lessons aforementioned, i.e. self control, humility, discipline, integrity, confidence, etc… There will also be fun activities where they will learn consciously and unconsciously morals and proper decorum everyone should know. We have classes on music, writing, art and many more to help them find their talents. and lastly we play games and have contest in math, science, history, language arts in order that each child can see the need to catch up to their pears and excel in school. We are aware that not one person can perform the challenging task of rearing a child. That is why we wish to work with parents, teachers and the society as a whole. 

Why We Do What We DO

It has become clear to us, the founders of The Talented Tenth Highlanders Inc., that the adolescents of today are lacking in many of the essential character traits that makes an individual successful in life. Many of our young people are wanting in self-control, humility, and discipline to name a few elements of those fundamental attributes we hold so dear and regard so highly. And many who do have these attributes do not appreciate their value. Moreover, many youth have no professional orientation, they dislike school and anything that associates with knowledge. To make matters worse some go about clueless as to where their talents lie because they are never given the opportunity to find them. The young people who do have some purpose and direction are oftentimes bullied or tease as a consequence. So only select few that know where their talent lie have the chance to explore them in ways that are beneficial. Many have seen the degradation in our youth and have spoken of it but the solution does not lie in only speaking, but in doing, better yet showing by example. 

Who We Serve

Many of our youth do not have a choice in their behavior because they are surrounded by poor examples. They need to be given alternatives. Their time needs to be occupied with wholesome activities so they are not stuck in front of the television or in the bad company. They need to be taught again the value of virtues by which they may build their characters in order to stand up against deleterious influences in today’s society. They also need to be allowed the opportunities to explore their God given talents. Unfortunately not all schools give children the resources they need for a better future. This summer program that we have planned, coined The Talented Tenth Highlanders Inc., inspired by W.E.B Dubois, will help to teach our youth the importance of building their character in order to find their way to success one experience at a time. 

This program was inspired of God so we know it will not fail but we need many helping hands to make the full impact that is needed. One and all please lend a hand. Indeed let us prove the old mantra it takes village to raise a child.

Why us?

-Your child will FIND his/her God given talent(s)

-We provide not just FUN but the FUNDAMENTALS of success 

-We don't just give children an EXIT during the summer/recess but we give them the meaning of there EXISTENCE 

-We meet up all year round (Summer, Fall and Spring recess)

Mission Statement: "Education is that whole system of human training within and without the school house walls, which molds and develops men." W.E.B Dubois

Purpose/goals: We have three main goals for our youth: build character, improve scholastically, and cultural refinement.